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Here are the Facts about the VisorPhone, from the Handspring e-newsletter.

Yes, VisorPhone is here. And we’ve been getting great feedback from people wanting to learn more. So we thought we’d give you a little more detail about what has made our VisorPhone the talk of the town, including:

VisorPhone is now available at and shipping to selected areas within the U.S., specifically those covered by Pacific Bell Wireless and BellSouth Mobility (now jointly called “Cingular”), including:

North Carolina
South Carolina

We expect to significantly expand our coverage within the coming months by adding service provider partners VoiceStream and Powertel. Our handy plan locator will let you know if we have a plan in your area*. Or if you already have a service plan with a GSM service provider, you can buy VisorPhone now without service .

Phone prices: $299 when you sign up for a service plan /$499 without a service plan. And if you order your VisorPhone from between now and January 15th, you’ll get Free Shipping. Of course as an e-news subscriber, you’ll be among the first to know when we add new providers and coverage areas. So stay tuned.

* VisorPhone not available in Canada.

What’s special about VisorPhone So what makes VisorPhone so cool? Everything that makes most mobile phones hard to use. In a nutshell, VisorPhone combines all the great power features available on most mobile phones with the simplicity of your Visor handheld. So things like conference calling and sending text messages, tough to even find on most mobile phones, can be accomplished with ease. And if we can simplify things like these, imagine how easy it is to dial.

Carry only one device But that’s not the only thing that makes VisorPhone great. One of the best things about VisorPhone is the Visor handheld it snaps into. Because the two are fully integrated, you won’t have to juggle multiple devices anymore. So no more looking up a number in your handheld address book and keying it into the tiny dialer on your phone while trying to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Dial directly from your address book With VisorPhone, you can dial directly from your address book. Or you can make it even easier by creating a speed dial with just a couple of simple steps. And our included headset frees your hands for more important things?like scheduling an appointment in your calendar while you talk on the phone or balancing a conversation with a couple of lattes. Yes, you can use your other applications while using VisorPhone. Pretty cool. One more benefit of seamless integration? You won’t have to enter?or update?your data twice, saving time and aggravation.

Get Internet and email too Oh, and did we mention that VisorPhone can keep you connected in more ways than one? With an ISP and third-party software, you can check email, survey your stock portfolio or surf the web. Just sign up for data services from your service provider and VisorPhone acts as a wireless modem, connecting you to the information you need at up to 14.4 Kbps.

How it works: quick hits Okay, you know what it does, here’s a little about how it works.

Dialing made easy VisorPhone gives you four simple ways to make a call: Dial direct from your address book. Just tap the name, choose the number, hit Dial and you’re done.

Speed dial from a custom list. We’ve made room for 50 numbers that can be organized however you wish. So simple to create, move or delete you can change them on a whim.

Use the dialpad. Big, easy to read and tap numbers make dialing a breeze. Buttons are large enough so you won’t even need to use your stylus. A finger will do just fine.

Re-dial from your Call History log. Yep, VisorPhone keeps a log of all incoming and outgoing calls. All you need to do to call someone back is tap the number then Dial.

We’ve even simplified 3-way calling so you’ll actually be able to use it. Because after all, what good is having a feature if no one can figure it out?

Better control of incoming calls Whether you’re waiting for an important call or trying to avoid one, VisorPhone lets you know who’s calling?you even get their name if they’re in your address book?so you’re in control. We’ve included caller ID on call waiting too, so you can make more informed decisions about which call to keep and which to drop.

And speaking of decisions, we let you make choices regarding your ringer setting too. Ring or vibrate, loud or soft. It’s up to you.

When talking won’t do Sometimes you need to get your message across but don’t have time or the right environment for a chat. That’s why VisorPhone also gives you the ability to send and receive short text messages, also called SMS (Short Message Service).* Choose your message from a built-in list or write your own. You can send a message to anyone using a GSM phone or to any email address. And, of course, VisorPhone tracks your messages, too, so you’ll know just what you sent to whom.

* May require activation of additional feature, please check service plan information for details.

Want to learn more? See VisorPhone in action with our cool interactive demo. You’ll see what it can do and how it works in detail. Almost as good as having one in your hand.

What you’ll get VisorPhone comes with everything you need to plug it in and start calling, including:

VisorPhone module
Rechargeable 680 mAh Lithium ion battery
Travel charger
User’s guide
SIM card

* Service plan and customer care information *

We’re even throwing in the headset for free so you can multi-task with ease.

* may be provided separately in some cases

But wait, there’s more… You can also get cool VisorPhone cases, extra batteries, chargers, or headsets and more at our VisorPhone accessories section. Because we wouldn’t want to send you out into the cold cruel world without the right accessories.

And of course, as always, is the place to learn more?about VisorPhone or any of our products.

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