Waterfield Dash: MacBook sleeve of the Gods

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Date: Monday, October 26th, 2015, 05:11
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Waterfield Dash SleeveCase for MacBook by Jason O'Grady

As long as I’ve used MacBooks (and PowerBooks before them) I’ve kept them in a padded sleeve. Notebooks contain delicate electronics, they store our most import data, and they shouldn’t be bouncing around inside a bag, purse or suitcase without protection. Rather than trying to find a bag to fit my MacBook, I prefer to keep it in a quality sleeve and put that into any bag  I want.

I’ve been recommending Waterfield notebook sleeves since 1999 because of their high quality materials and stylish designs. Their new Dash MacBook Sleeve ($59) is built with a combination of ballistic nylon, impact-resistant compression foam, and a plush liner, and it fits Apple’s new 12-inch MacBook like a glove.

A small piece of elastic on Dash’s corner prevents the MacBook from sliding out unexpectedly and a mesh side pocket will hold some papers (or your charger) when carrying it solo. Dash provides solid protection for the MacBook and is protective enough to be used without another bag when bouncing between meetings, classes or coffee shops. If Dash is more protection than you need, check out the Suede Jacket Sleeve ($25) or the RadTech RadSleevz ($21).

Once again Waterfield doesn’t disappoint. Dash is an excellent sleeve to protect your 12-, 13-, and 15-inch MacBook in style.

The Waterfield Dash sleeve for MacBook is available for $59.00 from SFBags.com.

Waterfield Dash SleeveCase for MacBook by Jason O'Grady


Waterfield Dash SleeveCase for MacBook by Jason O'Grady

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