Website, Google Doc crowd-sourcing Apple Watch orders

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Date: Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015, 21:51
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If you’re breathlessly refreshing Apple’s order status page in an attempt to figure out if your Apple Watch will arrive on Friday, take a breather.

Tracking one’s Apple Watch order has turned into a national pastime here in the U.S. as eager pre-orderers try to figure out if they’re in the first first batch of Apple watches set to arrive in two short days. Apple’s “We’re working on your order” email, sent earlier this evening to some customers, has brought things to a fevered pitch.

An aside: It’s curious that Apple doesn’t use Touch ID to authenticate users of its Apple Store app attempting to access the “Order Status” tab, instead opting to have users type in their passwords the old fashioned way. 

If you count yourself as one of the obsessed Apple Watch trackers, there’s a new website that will help you read the tea leaves. is crowd-sourcing Apple Watch orders and status updates by asking customers to add their anonymous order information to the site’s database.

New website crowd-sources Apple Watch order tracking

Once you do that, you can filter the results by Model, Size and Band to infer when your watch might arrive by using other people’s data. only has about 300 entries at press time but continues to grow by the hour.

Oh, and it that weren’t enough, there’s also a Google Spreadsheet tracking Apple Watch orders.

Good times!

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