Weekend Update: ABS1 Update, Vindigo no Longer Free, iBong

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Date: Monday, March 18th, 2002, 00:00
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AirPort Software Base Station Update 3.84 [476 kb] – This software is for earlier graphite AirPort Base Stations only. The software fixes potential issues graphite Base Stations may exhibit while connected to Comcast or Rogers cable modems and services. This software is only needed if you have Comcast or Rogers cable modem service and have not been able to connect through the Base Station. This software is not intended and will not install on dual Ethernet Base Stations (Snow).

Vindigo 2.0 was announced today, but the bad news is that the new version is no longer free. According to a News.com story – CEO Jason Devitt said in an interview that Vindigo 2.0 will offer new features such as museum and live music listings as well as full-color maps. Vindigo will offer a free trial of the new, paid service, and those who sign up by March 31 will receive an introductory offer of $19.95 for the first year. Current Vindigo users can receive a free trial starting this week. I won’t buy it until they release an OS X native conduit. If you feel the same way, let them know.

Some people make them into aquariums, some into bongs. According to The Old Mac That Went to Pot in Wired, a pair of computer geeks in Austin, TX have converted a Macintosh SE/30 into a water bong – “It looks like any other dingy Mac,” said Prozac. “But it doesn’t draw as much suspicion if you do have to take it outside the house. We haven’t taken it to Macworld, but it has been to a couple of computer swap meets. People like it. They laugh. It gets the usual, ‘Whoa, dude, that’s crazy’ reaction. Everyone wants to try it.”

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