Where is my Combo Drive?

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Date: Tuesday, October 16th, 2001, 21:05
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I am still holding off my purchase of a TiBook predicated on a combo DVD/CDRW drive. The ease of backup introduced with CDRW drives in laptops make it a must have. Unfortunately, not having a DVD player in a TiBook is also a bit 1999’ish…

I would *consider* buying an iBook with the combo drive, but the G3, small screen and underpowered graphics accelerator make it a no-no for me.

Poll Suggestion: [Ed: we like these :]

If you’ve been waiting for the TiBook revs before purchasing, what will you buy?

  • Option 1: TiBook/CD-RW
  • Option 2: TiBook/DVD
  • Option 3: iBook/combo drive
  • Option 4: Wait forTiBook/combo drive

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