Where is Palm Desktop for Mac OS X?

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Date: Friday, January 4th, 2002, 02:32
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I have vocalized my disapproval for the lack of a Palm Hotsync solution for Mac OS X in these pages before: Palm Desktop for X was shown in development form to attendees of WWDC May 2000. Check that year, that means that it will be two years if they don’t get it out until this Spring.

Every instinct (and a few sources) tell me that Palm Desktop v.X will be announced at MWXSF02 in a few weeks, but even so, is 18 months too long to come up with a release after demo’ing a reasonably polished product? I don’t think so. Has Palm taken a page out of Adobe’s book?

Some of you have even theorized that SJ asked Palm to “hold” the update until January to add to his big splash at The Big Dance, and if true, this should make you even more irate. And if it does arrive at Expo, does that mean it will sync with MS Entourage v.X? Not necessarily. Let’s just hope that Microsoft doesn’t take a page out of Palm’s book.

What are your thoughts on the Palm Desktop for OS X? Do you even care? Are we being complacent? Fire off your thoughts on our Mac OS X message board.

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