Where's My iBook?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Sources confirm that Apple Store is shipping iBooks within 45 days of the order date. If you haven’t ordered yet, you may want to find a reseller with iBooks in-stock. Easier said than done:

[CompUSA source] Also, the Ann Arbor store just received 6 Blueberry iBooks this morning, and they are all pre-sold. We have 13 on order, but there’s no telling when the rest will arrive. I had a customer tell me today that the Ann Arbor Sears store only has 1 iBook, and they are using it as a display; they don’t have any to sell yet.

Before we bash Apple Store again, it may be wise to look at the situation from Apple’s perspective:

I suspect if anything these stores have simply been given the same priorities as direct customers. Also it is a hell of a lot easier to fillan order for a single book than it is one for a whole chain. if say AppleWAS filling chain orders on a first preordered first ordered basis whatwould they do? Likely cut the amount of shipping books in half, half tochains, half to direct sales. If say, which i suspect is the case, Searsordered them first then as soon as sears order was ready to be filled itwould ship. Thus they’d get their order and then the next one on the listwould get theirs, once it could be filled. mean time half the books arestill going out to direct sales. This is of course speculation but beforeyou go calling names it’d be good to look into exactly how orders are beingfilled. I suspect that Apple is being as fair as possible. I was pissed myiBook order from Apple store wouldn’t be filled until the 18th, what did Ido? I went to sears and bought on retail. Screw Apple store, and that’splenty fair.

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