Wireless Palm VII Goes on Sale Nationwide Today

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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After an early pre-launch in New York, Palm Computing today announced that they are selling the wireless Palm VII organizer nationwide for US$499, US$100 less than the previous price.

The wireless service is available through Palm.net and starts at US$10/month. A coverage map is available.

Amazon.com, MoviePhone, and Travelocity today announced support for the device:

Amazon planned to announce Monday it will become one of the firste-commerce companies to sell its products through new wireless devices.The move is timed to coincide with this week’s nationwide release of3Com Corp.’s new Palm VII, a hand-held computer that will providewireless Internet access to allow users to read e-mail, shop and browsepopular Web sites

Amazon’s release mentioned some interesting growth projections for the wireless communications market:

worldwide sales of hand-held computers are expected to exceed5.7 million units in 1999, a 47 percent increase over 1998, according toresearch firm Dataquest. The market is projected to grow more than 30percent through 2003, when sales are expected to reach 21 million units.

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