Woz on the new iBook Dual USB

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak commented on his new iBook Dual USB on the our mailing list, the PowerList:

I also got my iBook yesterday. I really like the looks and feel of it more than I thought I would. The smaller screen is very pleasing to me. If I didn’t have my entire computer life on a Ti Book, I’d consider switching, but there are too many things that I need the larger book for. Still, after having larger PowerBooks I really do kind of love this smaller one.

On a sad note, after setting a few things up I switched the Startup Disk to OS X , restarted, and went home for the evening. When I came in this morning it wouldn’t wake up easily, and then only presented a grey screen with the cursor moving there but nothing else visible. Sometimes hitting the power key shows the spinning colored OS X beach ball.

My first OS X Beta crash took about a week and it took out everything. My second one took 5 to 20 minutes and took out a lot of OS X and enough of MacOS 9 to result in going to a backup for email (and switching email clients from Entourage). This one took less than a second (maybe?) and it was OS 10.0.3, pre-installed. I’m not having good luck.

I still intend to run OS X on this machine to get familiar with OS X.

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