X Apps: Apple Retail Store Locator 1.3

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Date: Monday, June 3rd, 2002, 09:33
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I just finished Apple Store Locator 1.3 (for OS X only), which now can give you directions (via Expedia.com) from your current location to any Apple Store you choose-and show you a live map with the store plotted for your pleasure (of course, you need an internet connection for that; you will only get basic mapping without an internet connection). FYI-added in the last version was the ability to add the stores to your Entourage address book (if you use it).

If you need answers like “How the heck to I get to the Mall of America store from the Palo Alto store?” and “What is the phone number of those crazy genii at the Crossgates Mall store?”, then this new version is for you. It may just be the feel-good software hit of the summer, who knows? [ Download Now ]

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