XLR8 Provides Performance Enhancement For PowerBook G3s

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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XLR8 announced today another enhanced version, 1.3.2, of its MACh Speed G3 Control w/ PowerPack Software. Following on the heels of SmartControl, Virtual Firmware and Automated Cache Technology, MACh G3 Control promises compatibility and performance by delivering 33% faster cache speeds (tested Macbench 5) on most Apple systems. Other benefits include:

  • Safe Cache Settings and improved user feedback – through informative instruction dialogs and process bar during cache testing
  • Automated Startup – Exclusive feature allows the user to set a selected speed from built in list of speeds available, or at the user’s option – – thus automatically selecting the fastest and most compatible speed on startup
  • Virtual Firmware – Exclusive software routine/technique that allows G3 Control to execute performance and compatibility routines before any hardware or software initialize
  • User-Friendly Interface – No more “ratios” and “buses”. G3 Control simply uses choices based on megahertz (MHz) and megabyte (MB). All the mathematical equations are calculated automatically. A “tab” based interface lets users move easily from settings to support information, to an advanced setting area that allows customization configurations.

In addition, the G3 Control includes the PowerPack: PowerControl and PowerFrax software.

PowerControl provides configuration testing, RAM configuration, testing for RAM, SCSI, and full CPU load analysis with Internet updating. PowerFrax is the exclusive multi-functional fractal generator that builds 2-D and 3-D graphics and is also AltiVec and Internet ready!

Starting today, if you use XLR8 brand G3 upgrades (MACh Speed G3, G3Z MACh Carrier and CarrierZIF upgrades) you will receive the new G3 control 1.3.2 with your product, or you can download it for free. You kids with iMac, PowerBook G3, Power Macintosh G3 and other brands of G3 upgrades will have to download the software for US$29, or buy a CD version for US$49.

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