Yellow Dog Linux Available through MacMall

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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You can now purchase Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server 1.1 through MacMall. Here is thier press release:

Loveland, CO, 21 October 1999Yellow Dog Linux Champion Server v1.1 may now be purchased through CreativeComputers’ MacMall catalog and website. With a circulation of over 2million, MacMall catalog reaches end users, SoHo, small-to-mediumbusinesses, government and education customers. MacMall is one of the mostestablished, most reputable leaders in the Apple product mail-orderbusiness. Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., developer of Yellow Dog Linux, ispleased to work with MacMall as the sales staff are consistantlyprofessional, personable, and knowledgable –willing to take a few extraminutes to conduct research, offer advice, and find the best solution fortheir customers’ needs.

This is of particular interest to those who want a CD and manual to go along with their Linux server software, so go get it!

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