Yet Another Timex iMac Update!

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Since we’ve been recieving so much email about the new Timex iMac Alarm clocks, here’s a mega update to the story…

A reader told us that: You can also purchase the Timex iMac alarm clocks at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I purchased a green one at the BBB in Dallas.

Another reader tells us that:I bought one at the Staples on Roosevelt Ave. north of Philadelphia last week. Adorable.

Yesterday, I emailed the folks at ‘’ asking them if their “iMac” Timex alarm clocks were going to be sold online. I received this response:

Another reader e-mailed SDI Technologies (the maker of the iAlarmClock) and this was thier reply:

“This Timex alarm clock model T 132 is not going to be on our web site. It is being sold to Staples and Ames stores. Thank you Pat SDI Technologies”

Yet another reader said:

I had a friend pick up one for me over the weekend at a “Staples” store he drives by for about $15 (warning – the Staples web-site “store locator” is missing stores!). The clocks appear to come in Blueberry, Grape?, Green, and something red-ish; there are little pictures of all of them on the package. The model number is ‘T132L’. The web-site listed on the package; they DO sell Timex alarm clocks direct, but I didn’t find them on the site, so I emailed them asking if the clocks were going to be available. The three alarm options are “cathedral”, “chimes” and “mech bell”. There is a “Try Me!” button on top of the package that lets you hear all three chimes in the store. The only slightly annoying thing is that the LED clock display is red, and I’d prefer green.Mark McCormackSeattle

As far as we know, these clocks are available at Staples, Fry’s, Bed, Bath & Beyond. The Timex Model number is T132P and it retails for US$14.99. We have a grape Timex iAlarm Clock here at NoBeige Central and we all love “mini-iMac”. 🙂

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