Yo-ho, Soho Mojo: Apple Store to Open in NYC 7/17

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Date: Monday, June 17th, 2002, 11:16
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Here’s more on the Apple Store SOHO from PowerPage reader Enero: “I interviewed with the guys for the Soho NYC store and was told that they will open no matter what happens on July 17th with a buttload of fan fare. This (Soho Store) as they put it, “will be the flag ship store. Which all others stores will be judged by . . . “

Other Manhattan Mac retailers have expressed distress that they weren’t consulted, but this New York writer thinks the Soho store, plus the new location of PowerPage sponsor Tekserve, on top of J&R’s and of course Macworld Expo will make downtown Manhattan even more of Mac Magnet. While you’re in town for the expo, pay each of them a visit!

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