ZDNet: Will Mercury heat up Apple's sales?

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In his latest editorial for ZDNet, O’Grady takes a close look at the potential impact of Mercury on Apple’s bottom line:

Handicapping Apple Computer Inc.’s prospects for the coming year will get a lot easier once we’ve had a look at the new products the company announces at next week’s Macworld Expo/San Francisco.

After all, Apple has made a tradition of using the largest Macintosh trade show of the year as a launchpad for new software and hardware — and according to the Mac grapevine, this year will be no exception.

As I have discussed before, the smart money says Apple will debut the long-awaited refresh to its pro notebook line. Code-named Mercury, the new system will mark the laptop debut of Motorola’s PowerPC G4 processor in place of the G3 chip currently employed by Apple’s portable systems and iMac desktops.

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