ZDNet's Coursey: Closeted Mac Lovers Should Just Switch

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Date: Tuesday, February 19th, 2002, 09:01
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Remember when ZDNet was a haven for professional PC writers bashing the Mac? Not anymore. In an article that at first I thought was complaining about Mac zealots (it’s not – read on), David Coursey, who has forced himself to use a new iMac for a month, says things like: “FRANKLY, I AM getting a bit tired of telling these Windows bigots–people who don’t even know why they use Windows except that everyone else does–about the wonders of Macintosh.” And, keeping in mind Coursey is still not a Mac zealot by any means: “Now, I am not here to tell these people to shut up and go buy a Mac if they love them so much. OK, maybe I am.” The closested Mac voyeur? Here’s a psychological category us Mac folks hadn’t even thought to analyze yet. Stop by Doc Coursey’s office for the full story on the ZDNet AnchorDesk. And amateur Freuds, hit that feedback button and let us know what you think!

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