17" PB Delay: Last Half March Seems Likely

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Date: Wednesday, February 26th, 2003, 00:48
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Today I spoke with someone in Sales at the Apple Store (the “Apple Store Status” folks were shut down due to Austin Tx ice storm). And I received information which was given fairly confidently and is consistent with other information. The Apple rep told me that shipping for the 17″ PB would start in “3 to 5 weeks.” From today, February 25, that means March 18 to April 1. I asked if that range was for 17″ ordered back in January or for new sales made today. He said, “pretty much for both.” He also said that, for my order (made late PM Jan 7/8), it would likely be the sooner part of that range. He was quite clear that nothing is shipping before then.

My order is listed on Apple Store website Status with a March 20 ship date. Thus, the range I was quoted is consistent with that March 20 date. I told the rep that I was happy with my 15″ PB and I’d wait. He said, “You’ll be even happier with the 17″.” That’s the latest I’ve learned. Any other news from other callers to Apple and other stores? Or dates quoted on new orders?

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