1XRTT Fast Mobile Data Comes To Jaguar

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Date: Monday, November 25th, 2002, 02:00
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The Novatel Wirelss Merlin C201 with 1XRTT technology now works with Mac OS 10.2 thanks to Ryan Sit of Novatel who has provide drivers for the Titanium.

I am contacting you because in the past you have inquired about MacOS X support for our companies CDMA 1xRTT wireless card (C201). We are please to send you a modem script and app note that tells you how to get the card running on MacOS 10.2. Please contact me if you have any problems getting the card to work using the attached files. Feel free to distribute this information.

I have temporarily posted the drivers (novatel.tar) and instructions (Mac OS 10.2 Install of Merlin C201.doc) as one 64KB stuffit file here.

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