3dfx Announced G4 Support

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In the middle of all of that G4 hoopla and hype, we forgot about the important things in life, such as Quake III benchmarks and cool 3d accelerators (or GPUs, if you’re on the fore-front of technology). While perusing IMG, we found this cool press release (“3dfx Announces Support for Apple’s New Power Mac G4“) from 3dfx:

3dfx Interactive Inc. today announced that its 3dfx graphics technology will beavailable for Apple’s new Power Mac G4. The addition of 3dfx’s award-winning Voodoo graphics technology to the new Power Mac G4 creates a new level ofgraphics excellence and a truly immersive graphics experience for the user. 3dfx will also bring its recently announced T-buffer technology to the new PowerMac G4. T-buffer technology enables cinematic effects never before available on consumer level computers at real-time frame rates essential to attaining andexperiencing true-to-life imagery. New Mac products from 3dfx that further capitalize on the power of the Power Mac G4 are planned in the near future.

Wickedly cool. If you want to know what T-buffer technology is, check out Thresh’s FiringSquad’s T-Buffer Overview.

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