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Date: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009, 06:40
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If two technology companies each worth billions to their assorted stockholders can’t resolve a longstanding issue, then they should publicly insult each other.

According to Gear Diary, Adobe has cast the blame on Apple, changing its Flash download page to display the following text on iPhone and iPod touch units:

Listen up, you may want flash but you can’t have flash- at least not on this device. Why? Don’t blame us. It is certainly doable to enable flash on this thing but Apple RESTRICTS the technology needed to make it happen. And until Apple changes their policy you are out of luck. Seriously, we WANT to give you Flash. It would be our pleasure to give you Flash. We are ready to give you Flash. Seriously! But Apple won’t let us. Adobe – Good. Apple- Bad.

I’m staying tuned until next week when the two companies begin with the “Yo Mamma” jokes, which can only help raise their stock prices.

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  1. This is what happens when you let socially inept developers have too much control

  2. I think this is largely left over bad blood form Apple having kicked Premiere’s butt with Final Cut.

  3. Hmm, if you actually read the article over at Gear Diary, you’ll see that the message doesn’t say what you quoted. That quote is the author’s “rough translation” of the actual message, which is shown in the screenshot.

  4. No, this is what happens when socially inept bloggers misqoute other socially inept bloggers. Adobe did not post those words.

  5. I’m still surprised Apple has not bought Adobe by now, they should try anyway.