A Jaguar Released: Monster Round-Up of 10.2 Release Photos

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Date: Monday, August 26th, 2002, 09:13
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We asked, we received: dozens of photos from across the country of Apple Store openings, which are now in our exclusive PowerPage roundup gallery. To give credit where credit is due:

NY, NY “Soho”: Peter Kirn (PowerPage) and Michael Yuan
Salem, NH “Rockingham”: Jon Barto
Los Angeles, CA “The Grove”: Victor Orly (PowerPage)
Woodcliff, NJ “Tice’s Corner”: Matthew Kampschmidt
Minneapolis, MN “Mall of America”: Chris Wiggins
Minneapolis, MN First Tech store: John Hyde
And, of course, LIVE JAGUAR (with four legs) photos!: courtesy Helen & BumJun Jeoung

Thanks to our photographers! We’ve got lots of PowerPage exclusives there and lots of “action shots,” and, don’t worry, I’ve selected only the creme de la creme of our submissions, so take a look!

And for still more photos, check out Cool Macintosh’s gallery from Atlanta’s Lenox Square (where the line in lasted until after 1AM!), Kris Hansen’s photos from Albany, NY / Crossgates, or Michael Yuan’s Soho gallery (wait, is that yours truly in the orange PowerPage shirt?).

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