Alfred utility set to hit 3.0, incorporate significant new features

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Date: Friday, March 4th, 2016, 10:21
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A nifty program is about to get a heft update.

Alfred, the shortcut and keyword workflow utility for OS X, is about to hit version 3.0.

The new version includes the following fixes and changes:

Workflows have evolved to be much more flexible, allowing you to lay out and connect objects in any way you like. We’ve added object chaining, connection filters, multi-objects selection for moving, copying and pasting, query text processing, and enhancements to many of the existing workflow objects, along with some great new ones too.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be dedicating more posts and videos to introducing these new workflow features, so that you can make the most of them without a single line of code.

The new intuitive theme editor makes it much quicker and easier to create themes, with per-theme blur settings, better control over spacing and borders, user-defined fonts and easier theme sharing.

Clipboard and Snippets:
The new clipboard history brings multimedia content; text, images and files. The overhauled snippets editor adds snippet collections, importing/exporting of snippet collections for easy sharing and direct access to the snippets viewer via its own hotkey.

Alfred retails for 17 pounds for a single license, 27 pounds for a family license and 32 pounds for a mega supporter license. Pre-orders for version 3.0 are available at a 10 percent off discount through Friday, March 4th and customers who purchased a license will receive a free upgrade to version 3.0 while mega supporters receive a lifetime of free upgrades.

Via Alfred blog

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