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Date: Tuesday, December 24th, 2002, 09:00
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I think Apple needs more kudos when it comes to their AppleCare service. Here’s an experience I recently had that in my mind verifies not only service that is nothing short of outstanding but the importance of AppleCare for PowerBooks. I have a 500MHz Ti PowerBook that needed to go into repair because the CD-ROM would not accept CDs. Apple thought, based on the phone with tech support, that the keyboard may be damaged and that the eject key might be stuck so then sent me a nice new keyboard to install.

That didn’t solve the problem but I was very happy my 21 month old PowerBook got a nice new keyboard. I sent the PowerBook in on 12/16/02 for a replacement. I was asked if there was any chips on the front bezel (there was) and I was told that Apple would also replace not only that portion of the base but also the trackpad and surrounding area (in essence, the entire top area of the PowerBook was replaced).

The PowerBook came back on the 19th (VERY fast service). I went to open the PowerBook for the first time and something didn’t feel right. What happened was the hinge on the left side of the LCD snapped off. Shocking! I called Apple and told them about this and they started a new case for me.

Since I had the shipping box and an Airborne packing slip, I was able to get the unit picked up that day (Thursday the 19th). I know Apple like everyone else is closed for Christmas and I was hoping I’d get the PowerBook back by Christmas eve as I was leaving on a trip.

Today (Monday the 23rd) I got notice that the PowerBook is not only fixed but on the truck for delivery this afternoon. This almost seems impossible but apparently Apple got the PowerBook on Friday the 20th, fixed it and shipped it out the same day.

This kind of service is just amazing. I’ll be able to leave for the holidays with a PowerBook that should look as good as new. I know many people in that past have complained about warranty service with such issues as paint flaking and even a hinge breaking but Apple took care of these issues under AppleCare warranty and do so in record time. It is this commitment to the customer that makes me a loyal Apple customer since 1988 and will continue into the future

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