An iPod FM Transmitter… And it's an MP3 Player, too

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Date: Monday, July 18th, 2005, 05:12
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Virtual Reality Sound Labs VRFM7Sometimes you feel like carrying an iPod, sometimes you don’t. Read More…

Virtual Reality Sound Labs VRFM7Virtual Reality Sound Labs has a cool iPod accessory. It is a FM transmitter that plugs into your cigarette lighter. plug the iPod (or any audio device with a headphone jack) into the VRFM7, set it to one of 7 FM frequencies, and tune your car’s radio to the same to hear your iPod broadcast through your FM radio. Been there, done that, huh? Okay, say you don’t want to use your iPod. The VRFM7 also has a USB port so you can plug in your USB flash drive and it will play MP3 files stored on it.
The VRFM7 retails for US$29.95US and can be found at their US distributor, Next Power USA.

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