App Camp for Girls 3.0 Indiegogo launches, worth looking into

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Date: Friday, May 29th, 2015, 07:31
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If there was one Indiegogo worth getting behind, it’d be this one.

The App Camp for Girls 3.0 fundraiser has launched and is looking to raise US$100,000 to finance this year’s App Camp for Girls programs. The fundraiser works to address the larger issue of why only 20 percent of software engineers are female and why that percentage is even lower among mobile app developers.

The same is true of technology classes in schools, wherein there are few opportunities for girls to explore high-tech fields that aren’t already dominated by males.

App Camp 3.0 will launch an additional location, this time in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The goals of App Camp 3.0 are as follows:

– Recruit and train new volunteer organizers to launch new locations.

– Build out App Camp Kit, a collection of equipment, curriculum tools, and camp procedures that is essential to successfully launching a new App Camp location.

– Establish our first paid staff positions for administration, operations, and curriculum development, along with a fundraising plan that will support our ambitious plans for expansion and outreach.

– We have 4 potential new locations identified for 2016. We share equipment between locations, so we estimate that we’ll need two more sets of MacBook Pros and iPod touches to meet the needs of the additional locations. We’ll also need to recruit and train organizers and volunteers. Each camp needs to rent a location, order supplies, food, and other necessities.

The Indiegogo campaign includes some nifty milestone rewards, including mix tapes, buttons, Felicia Day’s new memoir and links to your web site/recognition of your support.

Take a gander at the Indiegogo, see what’s there and if you like it, support App Camp for Girls 3.0!

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