Apple acknowledges iOS 9 crashes when tapping links, says fix is “coming soon”

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Date: Tuesday, March 29th, 2016, 09:03
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Apple has acknowledged that some apps are hanging or crashing when tapping links, the issue spanning multiple variants of iOS 9 and has vowed to fix the issue.

“We are aware of this issue, and we will release a fix in a software update soon,” the company offered in a recent announcement. A temporary workaround is still unknown, although community investigations have revealed why the bug has arisen. It is based on what apps the user has installed and how those apps handle universal links.

As the issue was being explored, it was discovered that some universal links used with iOS 9 were several megabytes in size and thus grossly oversized. This would essentially overload the daemon that had to parse these files, causing the crash.

Even if users are able to overcome the oversized links issue and work around it, there is still an iOS system cache to overcome (this cache means that even if you uninstall the offending app, the ‘bad’ code sticks around for a while).

Apple did not say when it expects to release the software update, other than ‘soon’. As it is an issue affecting so many people (and disrupting a rather major activity people do on iPhones and iPads, tap links) however, it would not be a surprise to expect a bug fix within a few days.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via 9to5Mac

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