Apple adds second-generation Apple TV to “vintage” and “obsolete” lists, halts support for the device in most areas of the world

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Date: Friday, March 3rd, 2017, 05:33
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As much as you may love your second-generation Apple TV, it’s now on Apple’s “vintage” and “obsolete”products list, thereby rendering it ineligible for repairs in most parts of the world.

With the new change, the only places where service and parts may still be available are in Turkey and California, where the device is still classified as “vintage” according to an Apple support document. Vintage devices are defined as being made over 5 but less than 7 years ago, and the category typically excludes products from support except where required by law.

For all other places, the second-generation Apple TV has been declared “obsolete”, which generally refers to products discontinued more than seven years ago.

The second-generation Apple TV launched in September of 2010 with production ending in 2012, when it was replaced by the third-generation unit.

Apple is already largely distancing itself from the third-gen model, providing minimal updates. A fourth-gen model with support for apps and Siri went on sale in Oct. 2015.

An upcoming fifth-gen device is expected to add 4K resolution support and likely a faster processor to match, but not much else.

As always, stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

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