Apple Announces 6GB iPod mini and 30GB iPod Photo, Drops Prices

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Date: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005, 13:26
Category: Hardware, Mac mini

iPod mini 2.0Apple this morning announced a new 6GB iPod mini at the same price (US$249) as the previous 4GB model and a 30GB iPod Photo that retails for US$349. Curiously, Apple bagged the gold colored iPod mini and reduced the line to four colors (pink, green, blue and silver) but they added color-coordinated icons on the touch wheel and extended the battery life to 18 hours. The new iPod Photo 30GB is much thinner than the 60GB model and comes in at a low US$349 price point. The 60GB iPod Photo has been reduced to US$449.

Apple Unveils New iPod mini Starting at Just $199
CUPERTINO, California?February 23, 2005?Apple

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