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Date: Tuesday, June 24th, 2003, 11:59
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Apple is offering The Apple Store Pro Card, which it describes as “your passport to a world of benefits and privileges designed exclusively for the professional Mac user.

Sounds like a good thing to keep in mind if you’re in the market for one of those new G5 workstations. The discount on software and installations is reasonable especially if you’re not the type to make the majority of purchases online or don’t feel comfortable performing your own hardware instalations. At moment, I not able to determine how much the “membership” will cost but here are the benefits as Apple lists them:
As a cardholder, you?re entitled to the following:
1. Complete transfer of your existing files to your new Power Mac G5.
We?ll do it for you in 24 hours. Make an appointment with a Mac Genius. Then bring in your current computer. We?ll transfer all your files to your new Power Mac G5 and have it ready for you the next day.
2. Your own Pro Day at the Apple Store.
Save 10% on software. Pick a day, any day. Then come in and select from a wide range of professional applications. Show your Pro Card at the register and get 10% off your purchase. Buy your Power Mac G5 right now and your Pro Day could be today.
3. Free installation of any software purchased at this Apple Store.
Want to save a little time? Let us install the software you buy on your Power Mac G5. On your Pro Day or any other day.
4. Guaranteed next-day appointment with a Mac Genius.
Have questions or issues with your new Power Mac G5? Want insider tips and ways to get your work done faster? Just want to talk Mac? Call any store and make an appointment with a Mac Genius. Then come in, grab a stool and talk with one of Apple?s great minds. Need another appointment? Give us a call and we?ll pencil you in.
5. Special events.
Since you make your living on a Mac, you?ll want to stay on top of the latest news and technology. You?ll be the first to know about upcoming events and exclusive offers for our Pro Card members.
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