Apple begins shipping 2012 iPod touch, iPod nano units

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Date: Tuesday, October 9th, 2012, 07:47
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If you ordered a fifth-generation iPod touch or a seventh-generation iPod nano, you should be getting it soon.

Per AppleInsider, customers on Tuesday began receiving word that their order for the new fifth-generation iPod touch and seventh-generation iPod nano has shipped and should arrive in the next week.

Readers who received shipping notifications shared with AppleInsider on Tuesday that their orders for the new iPod touch have now shipped from China and are en route to the U.S. Estimated deliveries for standard shipping are before next Monday, Oct. 15.

One user who provided detailed information on their shipment revealed that the package has been shipped via FedEx from one of the shipper’s origin facilities in Kunshan, China. That order was placed on Sept. 14.

Users also began sending word Tuesday morning that their iPod nano orders have also begun to ship from China. Those units are also scheduled to arrive by next Monday.

The shipments come as Apple has also posted the official user’s guide for the new iPod touch on its iBookstore. The fifth-generation media player features a taller 4-inch display, just like the new iPhone 5.

The first shipments being sent out on Tuesday confirms a rumor from last week that claimed the iPod touch would officially go on sale this week. Apple has been taking orders for the new iPod touch since last month, but the company has only promised a shipping timeframe of October.

Supply of the new iPods is said to be limited at launch. The iPod touch and iPhone 5 share the same 4-inch Retina display, and supply of the iPhone 5 has been constrained since it debuted in September.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

And if you’ve received your spiffy new iPod nano or iPod touch, please let us know what you make of it in the comments.

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One Response to “Apple begins shipping 2012 iPod touch, iPod nano units”

  1. Got nano at Apple store 10-12. After a day’s hike: the pedometer functions well; the info is stored in useful registers. The FM radio is as sensitive as a Sangean double conversion DT-120 I’ve had for years; scan/search/favorites are easy to program. Blue-tooth range is over 30 feet, but you cannot Blue Tooth the radio output. Battery drains fast when you use the screen; darkened-playback-only should give 30 hours. Ear Pods give good sound for classical music; seems crispest when EQ is OFF. They fit loosely, which permits hearing sounds around you, for safety. Photo gallery is fast and responsive to zooming commands. Screen washes out in bright sunlight, but is fine indoors or in shade. VERY light; fits in wallet with credit cards. Touch screen access is useful and facile. If you use
    microphone version of Ear Pod, you have a portable voice recorder for “holding that thought” while you are exercising/walking.