Apple confirms iOS 9.2 update could fix iPad Pro freezing issue

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Date: Tuesday, December 8th, 2015, 11:41
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Hopefully this helps.

Following up on yesterday’s release of its iOS 9.2 operating system, Apple has confirmed that the update should prevent an issue that caused some iPad Pros to become unresponsive after charging from continuing in the future.

A number of iPad Pro early adopters had complained about an issue that caused the 12.9-inch tablet to become unresponsive after charging, requiring a hard restart to restore functionality.

Apple acknowledged the problem in a support document on its website, stating that it was “investigating” the issue, and has now updated that support document to reflect that “iOS 9.2 or later” should prevent the issue from occurring again.

The issue affected both the 32GB and 128GB iPad Pro tablets running iOS 9.1, both in Wi-Fi and LTE configurations. Users had reported freezing issues and speculated that the crash came from errors in restoring data from iCloud backups.

If you’ve updated your iPad Pro to iOS 9.2 and have any feedback to offer, let us know in the comments.

Via MacRumors

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