Apple Considering IBM's new Power4 Chip

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Date: Monday, August 12th, 2002, 00:00
Category: Archive has posted an interesting article about the positives of Apple using IBM’s new Power4 offspring chip for its high-end desktop computers. Guest author Norman D. Shutler writes:

”IBM’s new Power4 offspring chip, delivering a system interface of 6.4GBs in a 64-bit PowerPC processor may not be the ideal solution so much as the only solution to what has gradually become not only a gigahertz disparity crises for Apple, but now more importantly a fundamental performance issue, as recent and widely publicized Photoshop test bed comparisons between the fastest Apple and PC have clearly demonstrated.”

There’s also a poll included that should not only serve the purpose of finding the general opinion, but might even help Apple resolve, define and guide Apple towards a more informed decision.

The poll has three basic answers: Should:

  • (a), Apple embrace IBM?s remarkable Power4 offspring chip for their top-notch desktop computers or
  • (b), stick with Motorola?s PowerPC offerings or
  • (c), forget PowerPCs chips altogether and go with Intel processors?

Let’s get voting! ————————————————————————————– (IBM is planning to design the new desktop PowerPC chip using technology from its Power4 processor for servers and is talking to Apple about a potential tie-up, sources say. (

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