Apple Drops PowerBook Prices

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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New PowerBook prices went into effect at the Apple Store on 01.01.01:

  • The PowerBook G3 400 MHz (64MB/10GB/DVD) is now $1999 – down from US$2499 (16 February 2000)
  • The PowerBook G3 500 MHz (128MB/20GB/DVD) in now US$2199 – down from US$2999 (July 2000 price drops) and US$3499 (16 February 2000)

The 450 MHz G4 Cube (64MB/20GB/DVD-ROM) is now US$1499, the 500 MHz Cube will stay at US$2299. G4 Desktop prices also got a haircut, you can check out the details on the Apple Store.

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