Apple launches late-2016 MacBook Pro, incorporates long-rumored Touch Bar, other new features

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Date: Thursday, October 27th, 2016, 13:54
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The rumors were true and the next-gen MacBook Pro has been revealed.

As has been mentioned before, the new notebook, which is available in both 13-inch and 15-inch sizes, features an OLED Touch Bar which replaces the traditional function keys found on the MacBook Pro. The Touch Bar also incorporates a Touch ID sensor, allowing for function such as Apple Pay in the Touch ID area of the Touch Bar. The Touch ID sensor is integrated with the power button.

The Touch Bar itself is dynamic and changes depending on what application you might happen to be using at any given point in time. During a chat, the Touch Bar can be used to instantly place emoji. In the Photos app, you can access editing functions on the Touch Bar and apply those edits to the photo you are working on.

Customizing the Touch Bar can be done using drag and drop. You can select the functions you want on the main screen and drag them to the location your want off the bottom of the MacBook Pro’s screen and onto the Touch Bar.

Apple has stated that third-party developers will be able to create Touch Bar controls for their software.

The company has also updated the Force Trackpad, which is now twice the size of the previous trackpad. Apple has stated that the new MacBook Pro’s keyboard now uses a “second generation” butterfly switch technology that’s better suited to the demands of professional users.

The all-aluminum case design of the new MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter, and available in silver and space gray colors. The 13-inch model is 14.9mm thin, 23 percent smaller than the previous 13-inch model, and 3 pounds. The 15-inch model is 15.5mm thin, 20 percent smaller than the previous 15-inch model, and 4 pounds.

Apple has also cut down the size of the speakers within the notebook, claiming that the new speakers are smaller, but have twice the dynamic range, 58 percent more volume, and 2.5 times more bass response than its predecessor.

The new MacBook Pro retails between $1,499 and $2,799 depending on size and features and is available for order now.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via Macworld

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