Apple Park Campus recreated in Minecraft video

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Date: Thursday, April 13th, 2017, 05:43
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While it’s still about a month before Apple starts moving employees into its new Apple Park campus, Minecraft aficionado Alex Westerlund has gone to extraordinary lengths and built a full scale model of the Apple Park campus in Minecraft.

While we saw preliminary takes on this idea earlier this year, Westerlund’s newest video of the project shows the entire campus in its completed state. He explains that the project took him a total of 413 hours of work, first starting as a hobby then turning into a full-time commitment.

Westerlund also cited that because of the spaceship ring design, the model was difficult to recreate with Minecraft cubes.

He also offered the following comments:

My humble tribute to Apple, I present Apple Park! After 413 hours of work starting in December 2015, here is the result. It started out as a simple project, something to do when I binged on Minecraft, but it slowly evolved into a full time project, with over 166 hours of work put in during the final month of the project.

What drew me to this is my appreciation for end to end design and a crazy idea in my head that said ‘Hey let’s build the world’s curviest campus in a video game based on cubes.’

The model also sports the following features:

– It’s a 1:1 full scale replica

– This is built entirely by hand (no mods)

– It’s terrain-accurate, based off topographical maps of Cupertino and the official landscaping plans

– Each hill, path, and orchard are true to the construction plans, down the the placement of each handcrafted cherry tree.

– All the general areas are fully furnished (so, the fitness center, atriums, cafes, maintenance building, Glendenning Barn, everywhere but the office space)

– There are 28 cafes spread throughout main building, plus 2 outdoor cafes, 1 (presumably healthy) cafe in the fitness center, and of course the main cafeteria.

– A megabuild is any Minecraft build utilizing at least one million blocks (people kept wondering).

– Throughout the video, you can see nearly every aspect of Apple’s new campus, including the fitness center, Steve Jobs Theater, atrium, cafeteria, solar power cells, and much more, all in Minecraft-form.

So, without further ado, here’s the video:

Via 9to5Mac

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