Apple PDA: ETA Two Months?

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Date: Friday, August 2nd, 2002, 14:00
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What would a Friday be without a little sprited discussion? This came across the NewsWire and we wanted to throw it out there. Please bear in mind that this is unconfirmed at press time.

I can’t provide too many specific (i.e. names of those involved details) but a CEO who I know personally has been meeting with Steve Jobs regularly over the past two months about security software has provided me with this information:

  • An Apple PDA is coming in about two months
  • 5″ color screen
  • Regular size hard drive, about 10gb
  • Built in FireWire
  • Running special pocket OS X, still UNIX based

It also might have built in voice recognition via a headset. This provides some interesting possibilities! this is straight from the man’s mouth. He also used the “one more thing” joke when relaying it.

iWalk 2002
SpyMac’s fake iWalk – January 2002

iWalk 2001
SpyMac’s fake iWalk – October 2001

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