Apple QuickTime Prank?

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Date: Thursday, August 8th, 2002, 03:32
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HeathenSomething really bizarre just happened to me, I opened quicktime 6 and this movie popped up:

How weird is that? Is it an Apple Prank? Whatever the story is it happened on both my macs, (both mac os x/qt 6 non-pro ed). For those who are too impatient to load the image/movie – it is an image of David Bowie with whited out eyeballs with the word “heathen” spelled rotated upside-down.

backup link:

[Unfortunately no conspiracy here, Jon. What you are seeing is the cover of David Bowie’s new album Heathen. Probably the result of a marketing agreement with Apple to use the album cover image as a QT6 example. -Ed]

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