Apple quietly extends iTunes Store movie rental viewing times from 24 to 48 hours

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Date: Monday, September 25th, 2017, 05:50
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Coinciding with the launch of the new Apple TV 4K and iPhone 8 devices, Apple on Friday updated its website with new information regarding movie rentals, saying viewers now have up to 48 hours to complete their rented titles after first pressing play.

Prior to the change, iTunes Store customers had only a 24-hour period to finish watching or replaying a rented title. The change, though quietly announces, doubles the previous time limit.

Customers can watch and re-watch a rented movie as many times as they like within the 48 hour window. As noted by Apple, users who download movies for offline viewing are still subject to the 48 hour timer.

As expected, users have a 30 day time limit to begin watching a movie after it has been rented. If the movie goes unwatched during these 30 days, customers must rent the title again, thereby receiving another 30 days of access.

The movie rental change arrives as Apple TV 4K devices reach pre-order customers and Apple store retail locations. An incremental upgrade over last year’s fourth-generation set-top streamer, the new hardware features an A10X Fusion processor capable of pumping out 4K resolution content in multiple HDR protocols. Apple this week issued tvOS 11, which delivers a revamped TV app that will allow users to stream live sports later this year.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider

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