Apple releases Maps transit information for Prague

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Date: Monday, August 1st, 2016, 07:22
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It’s not the most groundbreaking development in the world, but if you’re traveling to Prague, this could come in handy.

Apple has expanded its Maps transit directions for the Czech capital of Prague, returning focus to the app’s European users after a stretch of concentrating on the U.S.

Riders visiting Prague can use Maps to navigate the city’s various buses, railways, and tramways. Options include trips to a number of places well outside the city core, such as Kladno.

At present, only a handful of other European cities feature transit coverage through Apple Maps. These cities presently include London and Berlin, though people in the U.K. can travel anywhere that has National Rail service.

Outside of the U.S. and China, there are very few countries with Maps transit support. Some others include Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, the last only in Rio de Janeiro for the sake of the 2016 Olympics, which start this Friday.

Last week, Apple also upgraded Maps with data from Parkopedia, making it easier to find information on parking lots such as hours, prices, and even open spaces and EV charging.

If you’ve had a chance to use Apple Maps’ transit information in your city, please let us know about the experience in the comments.

Via AppleInsider

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  2. Apple releases Maps transit information for Prague: Tweet

    It’s not the most groundbreaking development in th…

  3. Just a got an alert on my iPhone a few days ago saying transit information is now available on Apple Maps for Vancouver, BC Canada. Didn’t really pay much attention to it at the time because I was on a chairlift at a resort for some of the best downhill biking in North America