Apple retail chief Ahrendts snags $25.8 in salary, stock and bonuses for 2015 financial year

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Date: Friday, January 8th, 2016, 08:04
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If you ever doubted the power of corporate bonuses, keep in mind that Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts just made almost $25.8 million in compensation last year, according to a regulatory filing.

Ahrendts, who draws a $1 million base salary, has also been awarded a $20 million stock grant, a $4 million bonus and relocation expenses of $474,981.

This is down from $73.4 million in 2014, in which Ahrendts was offered $37 million to compensate her for the value of the Burberry stock that she walked away from in accepting the Apple job, plus a new-hire stock allocation valued at $33 million.

Apple CEO Tim Cook snagged $10.3 million in 2015, the package including a $2 million base salary as well as an $8 million bonus. Cook holds stock worth $57.7 million — an amount that doesn’t include the $479 million current value of shares he was granted in 2011 when he was named Apple chief executive, but have not yet been earned or vested. Those will vest between now and August of 2021.

In short, these people probably make more than you and Ahrendts continues to lead the army of hip, perky, blue-shirted people who walk up to help you when you go to the Apple Store.

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