Apple Targets Resellers

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Date: Friday, April 22nd, 2005, 07:01
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My company (an Apple Reseller) was outbid by the Apple Store through their price matching policy… Ouch, that stings! Read More..

I had read reports regarding Apple’s new policy for businesses price matching but didn’t expect it to have an impact on me.
My company sells Apple products and provides tech support services in Pennsylvania. One of my existing customers was in need of all new systems for their graphics department. I met with them on three occasions to discuss their needs. Using Apple’s sales methods to “upsell” I convinced them that high end G5’s with 23″ cinema displays and AppleCare warranties were their best choice.
Their company requires competitive bids, so I gave them my bid along with a print out from the Apple store (which I’ve done previously). A few months went by before they were ready to buy, and they called me and the Apple store to verify current pricing. When they called Apple however, they were informed that they qualified for Apple’s business price matching. Bottom line is Apple undercut me and sold them the systems knowing there was a reseller involved.
I’m used to competing with CDW and MacMall and can usually squeak enough profit out of a sale to make it worth the effort, but this is an unfair business practice. How can anyone compete with that?!
Since we provide all the tech support services to this company, I spent this past week unpacking and setting up new dual 2.5 G5’s w/23″ Monitors that I was instrumental in selling, yet did not make a dime for my effort.
Maybe it’s time to look for a new line of work, I hear Walmart’s hiring.

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