Apple to offer refund for all purchases of Peace app

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Date: Thursday, September 24th, 2015, 08:38
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You don’t have to go through developer Marco Arment himself for a refund on the Peace app, Apple will send you a refund.

As of now, Apple is refunding the money spent for the best-selling Peace content blocker app. The app was pulled by Arment two days after going online.

“Apple notified me this afternoon that they’ll be proactively refunding all purchases of Peace,” Mr. Arment said in a blog post. “As far as I know, this effectively never happens. When I decided to pull the app, I asked some Apple friends if this was even possible, and we all thought the same thing: iTunes billing works the way it works, period, and no special cases can be made.”

Peace allowed users to use iOS 9’s features to prevent Web trackers, ads, cookies and other code that accessed the iOS version of Safari. Upon releasing the app, Arment stated he wasn’t comfortable with being what he saw as the arbiter of online content in iOS.

Arment has stopped development and support of the app and informed users that they could request refunds from Apple, which about 13,000 users followed up on, even though a much larger number of users had purchased the app.

The refund process will take a few days with Apple emailing its user base to let them know US$2.99 was returned to their bank accounts. It’s unknown as to how long Peace will continue to function after the refunds have been issued.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

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