Apple Watch coming to 100+ Fnac locations in France beginning August 21st

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Date: Thursday, August 20th, 2015, 08:06
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The Apple Watch just became a little easier to find in France.

The device has begun to appear at assorted Fnac locations within Paris, starting with just one store alongside the Fnac official website.

The Fnac retail store, which is thought of as the equivalent to Best Buy in America, initially selling the Apple Watch is the one located at the Champs Elysées, and will officially begin to sell the wearable on August 21. Other Fnac stores will begin to offer the Watch “within the next week,” and the store’s employees will be trained to field questions and concerns from customers regarding Apple’s smartwatch.

Fnac represents the first European chain to offer the Apple Watch.

Given that there are only 18 Apple locations in all of France but more than 100 Fnac locations, this could help dramatically boost the Apple Watch’s sales within the country. There was no confirmation of the exact range of models to be sold at Fnac.

If you’re across the pond and have a chance to check out the Apple Watch at a Fnac location, please let us know about the experience in the comments.

Via MacRumors and iPhone Addict

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