Ask PowerPage: Nokia 3650 Cell Phone

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Date: Thursday, March 27th, 2003, 02:47
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I’m in California and began seeing commercials for the Nokia 3650 cell phone on TV yesterday (March 25th). This phone has Bluetooth and other features I am interested in. Is anyone familiar with the phone and it’s compatibility with iSync and all the other data exchange features? (e.g., address book, etc.) What carriers should be best suited to support this phone and its many features? I’m presently with ATT Wireless and not very satisfied. However, they did indicate that I could take my existing phone number if I jump ship.

Ed: Well, that last point is interesting — I believe that’s due to a recent legal decision requiring mobile companies to allow us to do that! Supporting multiple models of Bluetooth phones should, in theory, be easy, since that’s the point of the Bluetooth standard, but of course the devil’s in implementation. Keep your eyes glued to Apple to see when support appears. Has anyone encountered any info on this phone? (Yes, folks, ‘ask PowerPage’ means not only us but readers, too! -PK

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