Ask PowerPage: T68i Voice Commands With Jabra Speakfree

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Date: Tuesday, November 12th, 2002, 00:00
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I recently purchased the Sony Ericsson T68i and the Jabra Speakfree Bluetooth headset (US$99). And I’ve had some trouble programming the voice commands using the headset, basically i have tried everything, to no avail.

I was wondering if your readers had any inside dirt on getting the voice commands on the T68i to play nice with the Jabra bluetooth headset. I feel that the hands/wire free headset with voice commands is one of the strongest features of the whole set-up, add iSync, Address Book, iCal and .Mac and i’m in heaven.

I am really having a hard time programming the voice commands and I know there is probably a specific way to get it to work. I’ve done research on the Web and I’ve heard scattered stories and tidbits, but nothing concrete or conclusive. Basically, what I’m looking for is a how-to. Any thoughts?

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