Ask PowerPage: 'Toot Toot Clunk' Goes the PowerBook G4

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Date: Thursday, January 30th, 2003, 00:00
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Two unrelated questions for the PowerPage community:

  1. Does anyone know what generates the toot toot clunk sound on my PowerBook G4 (15″ 800 MHz)? It is running Mac OS 10.2.3 but the sound predated OS update. The clunk is a real mechanical sounding clunk – if this were Car Talk we’d all be making this sound.
  2. I’ve been using Office for years and I am in a field in which exchanging docs is important. Greek letters are frequently employed so the old shortcut SHIFT-APPLE-Q was great to put the next letter in symbol font and then go back to the previous font. In Mac OS X, SHIFT-APPLE-Q speaks directly to the OS and asks me if I want to quit apps and shut down. Does anyone know of a way to get Office to do what I want with keystrokes?

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