Ask PowerPage: TV Tuner Capable of Both PAL and NTSC?

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Date: Wednesday, March 19th, 2003, 15:12
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I am trying to find an OS X-compatible TV tuner, either USB or Firewire, that supports both NTSC and PAL. I have been looking for quite a while now, and have some products, but nothing that seems to fit the bill. I have looked at Eskape Labs MYTV 2 GO as well as EyeTV. Both of these products support both NTSC and PAL, but ONLY through the aux video input. The tuner seems to be limited only to the standard for the country where you by the product. I currently own a 600Mhz iBook (dual USB with DVD) and am traveling between the US and UK quite often — thus the need for the two standards. Anyone out there have any suggestions? Thanks!

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