Ask PowerPage: Wall Street PB, OS 10.2.X and SCSI

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Date: Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003, 04:12
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Throwing my woes out to the vast sea of knowledge out there to see if others have encountered these issues and resolved them: I have a PB Wall Street 233 with a Sonnet G4/500 card, 512 RAM and an IBM Travelstar 30GB drive. Went from 9.2.2 to 10.2.4 a couple of weeks ago and coincidentally moved my SCSI peripherals from a defunct computer to this one. Much change at once. The system itself is rock solid (more so than it was in 9.2.2, actually), but I am getting NO love from my SCSI devices. Specifically:

3 devices attached- 1) Lacie CD-RW on ID 4, which DOES work; 2) Ecrix (now Exabyte) VXA-1 tape drive on ID 5, which will start working for 100-500 MB with Retrospect, then quit with a failure to read; an Epson Expression 800 scanner on ID 6 with a terminator attached (and, yes, I’ve tried with and without active termination), running through either Photoshop and Silverfast (latest build) or Epson Scan (latest download). Attempting to use the scanner crashes whatever app is attempting to use it with a beachball that won’t let the app even force quit: the machine has to get a hard restart to come back. All devices work fine when I restart in OS 9. It’s not the termination, it’s not the cables or the port. Anyone explerienced this? Specifically, 1998 PB owners?

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