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Date: Friday, January 24th, 2003, 08:24
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After succumbing to “early-adopter fever,” I bought a 5GB iPod as soon as I could find it on Overestimating my audiophile tendencies caused the little fella to spend a lot of time unused.

I finally begn putting my ‘Pod to regular use when I realized that the iPod was the perfect vehicle for audio books. Plugged into the car stereo made hauling multiple CD’s around a thing of the past. has been totally instrumental in feeding my spoken word/audiobook habit — especially the daily 40-minute New York Times digest.

But, the site has been effectively down — except for some streaming links and a few ads — the past two days. I haven’t seen any news about the company failtering. It would be a shame if it died. This is the message they’ve posted since at least 7:00 a.m. Mountain Time.

“We’ll Be Right Back (Online)” will be back up and running shortly. For the time being we can’t process purchases, downloads, or browsing. Please bear with us. We thank you for your patience and we regret any inconvenience. ” Does anyone have an favorite audiobook site that also features daily news subscriptions in case doesn’t come back up?

As of press time, it appears to back online again -Ed

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