Audio Hijack Frees You From Proprietary Audio Formats

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Date: Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002, 00:00
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Rogue Amoeba is bursting onto the scene with guns blazing, releasing its first product Audio Hijack, built exclusively for OS X.

What is Audio Hijack? Audio Hijack is extra sugar for all your digital ear candy. It sits in the background, piping audio through your very own set of customized DSP filters. What does that mean for you? It means you can add an equalizer to any Cocoa or Carbon application in OS X, including RealOne, DVD Player and Windows Media Player. It means you can use the Low Pass Filter to increase the audio quality on any internet radio streams. With the included VST Hub, it means you can use professional VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins in any application. Audio Hijack is all about freedom – You’re free to enhance and manipulate your audio just the way you like it. Never again will you be stuck within the confines of a mediocre audio player.

And with Audio Hijack, you’re also free from the chains of proprietary audio formats. Any sound you play through Audio Hijack can be captured to an AIFF file, for later listening. This means you can grab game sounds and use them as system beeps. You can rip audio from a flash movie! You can convert from ANY audio format to AIFF – Real, Windows Media Files, AAC or anything else. Now you’re free from mediocre audio formats as well.

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